6 Red Rules

Rules of the Game of 6 Red Snooker

The normal rules of the Game of Snooker (15 reds) will apply, but with the following changes ONLY for the 6 Reds Snooker Game:

1. Delete the "Foul and a Miss" rule.

2. After any foul:
(a) The Referee shall immediately state Foul, Free-Table (only if snookers are not required as the result of the stroke).
(b) The non-offender player has 3 options:
   (i) Play from where the balls have come to rest
   (ii) Ask the opponent to play again from where the balls have come to rest
   (iii) Play the cue-ball from anywhere on the table, except when snookers are required.

3. A player cannot snooker behind a nominated ball after potting a ball on.

Written by Rick Schoenlank